Upcoming Challenge   
January 27th - February 23rd

Welcome to your Detox 4 Week Challenge

It’s so important to maintain consistency throughout your fitness journey, especially during the winter months when motivation is not as strong and during times of temptation when we lose our will power. What can you do to stay consistent? Find an amazing community and join a program that you can commit to which will help keep you focused and on track. Whether you want something to keep you accountable at the beginning of the year, or to enhance, maintain and stay on the track you are on, or even to begin a new fitness journey all together. We have the perfect plan for you!

You won’t be in this alone, this is a challenge the Reinvented family will complete together.

Here’s how it works:

  • Commit to 4 Weeks:

  • Follow a nutritional guideline designed by our certified nutritionist.

  • Undergo a body composition check.

  • Complete weekly & daily mini-challenges to earn points.

  • Once you’ve completed a challenge 

  • you will be awarded the assigned points.

  • Attend CARDIO and HIIT classes 3 times per week.

  • Attend one Mobility/Recovery class per week.

  • ANYONE can join and it’s for ALL levels. 

  • The winner will be whoever has most points accumulated. 


Are you ready for a DETOX? 

Price Non Members $179 | Price Members $35

6 Week
Reinvent Yourself Challenge

Our Challenge is perfect for anyone that wants to make a change! The program is tailored to meet your needs, lifestyle and food preferences. No matter your age or level of experience, you’ll train hard while having fun.


Time to REINVENT YOURSELF! Are you ready?



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